About Us

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Michael Twum-Barima — Co-founder
Michael Tabirade — Co-founder

Our Story

The name DEFO RECO stems from the root phrase ‘Definitely Recommended,’ in other words, we want to make sure that our company allows for efficiency, growth and a positive impact. We also stand for making good quality recommendations of businesses, products and services, to help those on their entrepreneurial journey’s discover brands they can trust.

The original idea was developed by Michael Tabirade and Michael Twum-Barima back in 2011, stemming from the core desire to broaden perspectives and raise awareness about socio-economic struggles of the world. 

What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say

As solo artist Michael Kwakwa is a unique and passion-led entrepreneur aiming to gain more visibility with his music career. DEFO RECO helped with the marketing strategy and brand developed where he was able to release the summer hit classic - Ribena!
Mikey Shy
From London, UK
As a financial advisor, Mr Asuquo had challenges around his content management and marketing strategy to attract leads. Focusing on being his authentic self and posting regularly helped boost his presence online and attract great commercial opportunities.
Emmanuel Asuquo
From London, UK
Owner of the brand, Music Umpire, Michael was able to develop a media led company that shares exclusive and premium content that around eclectic and new-edgy songs that fans are waiting for.
Michael Twum-Barima
From London, UK
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Michael Tabirade
From London, UK